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Are you an established B2B solutions provider offering T-Mobile service to your clients?

Do you want to focus entirely on sales and growing your business and leave operational support with the carrier to seasoned veterans?

If you answered "YES" to either or both of these questions, then LET'S CONNECT NOW!

Sensitek has integrated directly with T-Mobile to help you resell data solutions on T-Mobile's fast 4G LTE network.

Sensitek gets resellers selling seamlessly and efficiently.

You will appreciate our responsiveness and market knowledge. We support you from your first call or email.

If you are already entrenched in the data and IoT space, Sensitek will create operational efficiencies to increase your revenue. Sensitek will assist you in "value added" solutions all designed so you can focus and invest in building your client portfolio.

Sensitek's offers analytical tools that resellers actually use. You will be able to do a deep dive into improving your client's experience.

As T-Mobile carves out an even larger swath of the IoT space, Sensitek believes there are tremendous opportunities for T-Mobile's trusted and valued resellers. We help you capitalize on existing opportunities and locate new ones.

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